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The human body is amazing in so many ways. Even the simplest tasks like walking requires coordinated movements of the feet, knees, hips, back and arms. These movements are preprogrammed and controlled by the body’s own nervous system.

When injury or restriction of these movements occur, the body must compensate with new, less well-functioning movement patterns. Limping can be a way to reduce pain and make it possible to walk short distances. These “new” incorrect movement patterns activate muscles that are not principally designed to perform just that task.

This leads to sore and tired muscles that prevents the body’s natural healing ability.

The chiropractor locate these restricted movements and sore muscles and treats them. After treatment, the body has get the ability to heal itself.

Since there are no medicines or other undesirable components given to the patient this makes chiropractic one of the most natural treatment methods available.

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Our Treatments

On your first visit the Chiropractor will determine your medical history, your current problem and your goal with the treatment.

Neurological and specific tests are performed to rule out serious injury or condition. The body is motionpalpated and examined.

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